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Local Gamers vs. Online Gamers
Our research question here was "Are Local gamers less social than Online gamers?". This research question hopes to answer whether or not people who play games "locally" (i.e. without using the internet) are more/less social than people who play online games (i.e. games that require internet).
In order to properly collect this sort of data, we created two surveys with questions that would specifically ask how much time they spent with friends and what kind of video games they played. The results showed that a lot more people played online than locally, which wasn't much of a surprise to our group.From this chart we can also see that people who play games online socialize much more with their friends than people who play locally or none at all. However, we could also conclude that since most of the people surveyed play online, the results would be botched/rigged. So I calculated a percentage of people who played locally/online/none and found that people still are more social when they play online games, representing 69% of people who spend 4 or more hours with friends on average.
This graph shows the correlation between Gamers' Social Lives and whether or not they play online, local, or none